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I’m the coauthor of this blog manaslu trek nepal. It seems there are many disputes regarding the trekking around manaslu after the recent earthquake in Nepal. Some wrote that trail is ok while some told it’s not ready yet . Yesterday morning 2nd of October 2015, four hikers arrived in Kathmandu, far away from the Europe. It was Friday, so I had to rush a little for permit. It has to be done before 1:00 pm!

Special permit and conservation area entry permits were issued as planned for the manaslu circuit trek. Today is 3rd of October and they had just departed for Arughat (Probably up to Soti Khola) at 8:00 am. Myself I was there in the local bus station. The team is led by Prakash and Akash will be assisting them. So in total it is a group of 6 peoples who went to Manaslu. Here is one selfie.

Kathmandu to Arughat Local Bus Station

Me (Pradeep, coauthor of this blog) in the middle, Akash taking the selfie and Prakash smiling as always 🙂

Plan is to finish the entire circuit in 13 days. One day is allocated for contingency. If everything went as planned they will finish the trip in 13 days, if not then 14 days for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Below is the proposed day to day itinerary for them.

Day 01
3rd October Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

Day 02
4th October Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola

Day 03
5th October Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat

Day 04
6th October Trek from Jagat to Deng

Day 05
7th October Trek from Deng to Namrung

Day 06
8th October Trek from Namrung to Sama Gau

Day 07
9th October They will halt one more night in Sama Gau

Day 08
10th October Trek from Sama Gau to Samdo

Day 09
11th October Trek from Samdo to Dharmasala

Day 10
12th October Trek from Dharmasala to Bimthang

Day 11
13th October Trek from Bimthang to Tilije

Day 12
14th October Trek from Tilije to Tal

Day 13
15th October Drive from Tal to Kathmandu

I will be Kathmandu until they return back after the trek. Prakash will try to send me updates everyday which in turn I will be sharing here. This is first guided trek in Manaslu after recent earthquake in 25th April 2015. I will try my best to update this blog daily. Let’s follow the journey of Prakash and team for coming 13 days in Manaslu Circuit.

Day 01 – Oct 3rd

The bus leaved the station as planned at 8:00 am this morning. Before that we had a cup of tea in a small local teashop nearby. They are on the way now and will contact me with detail this evening and I will update it here. Here are three pictures I took this morning.

Bus from Kathmandu to arughat

Teashop in kathmandu local bus park

Tea shop near local Kathmandu to Arughat bus station

Local Bus Station for Arughat

Prakash and Aakash in blue

They were in Dhading Beshi, a place in the middle of the trail. Stopped there for the lunch took a selfie and then they had send it to me. I will get today’s update by this evening and post here. Stay tuned!

Malekhu Lunch Place

Selfie Manaslu Trek

I just received the call from Prakash. Unfortunately, they need to spend almost 3 hours in the road to get their local bus fixed. There was some problem! They missed the local bus to Soti Khola from Arughat. They reached Arughat at 6:30 pm. Now they are in Arughat. According to Prakash hotel is excellent and running smoothly in Arughat.

Manaslu Food

Tomorrow they will catch an early bus at 7:00 am to Soti Khola and trek to Macha Khola. Prakash had promised to call me tomorrow evening with brief updates of trail. I will update this post tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Day 02 – Oct 4th

I received a call from Prakash, from Macha Khola. He reported, road was slightly damaged before Soti Khola. They had to walks a few minutes more. Teahouses were ok in Soti Khola. It was same condition along the trail, few landslides! Suspension bridges were ok. In some place Budi Gandaki River takes different curves and damaged the old trail. Few up and down were needed. Major teahouses in Macha Khola were safe and operational.

Tomorrow they will try to reach Jagat via same old route instead of bypassing from the village of Uhiya. Let’s see I am waiting for his next call from Jagat and few pictures.

Day 03 – Oct 5th

Late Update!

I’m updating this on Oct 6th. Prakash just called me from Chisapani (Ekle Bhatti), a place from where the trail gets separated for Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley. Today the team will be in Deng. Prakash was not sure about the functionality of the telephone in Deng. He could contact me tomorrow from Namrung, probably with WiFi access and few pictures from the trail!

Macha Khola to Jagat was now taking little longer than before. Good news now there is no need of hiking up to the village of Uhiya. It is possible to bypass via the small village of Lakpa to avoid curves of Budi Gandaki. Despite of few landslides and difficult trail it is possible to make Macha Khola to Jagat in 8 to 9 hrs. A little longer than usual. One temporary wooden bridge was set and it is prone to fatality if no precaution is taken. Either on your own or with support of guides try to cross the bridge on constant speed with delay and shaking.

According to the locals trail onward from Chisapani is clear. Prakash also told teahouses in Jagat and Philim were more than perfect. There was a big landslide before Thulo Dhunga and there was no lunch camp. Lunch should be taken at Dovan.

Day 04 – Oct 6th

I just got information about the trail up to Jagat this afternoon. Prakash will try to reach me this evening with information of trail from Jagat to Deng. If not I will post combine update for today and tomorrows’ trail. Hopefully he will be able to send some pictures as well along the trail from Namrung. Stay tuned!

Day 05 – Oct 7th

They were supposed to reach Namrung yesterday and call me or text using WiFi. I didn’t receive any call. Probably communication not functioning.

Day 06 – Oct 8th

If hiking as planned they should reach Sama Gau by Oct 8th. There must be the WiFi working up there. At least v-sat phone from local teahouses should work. I am waiting for their response. Tomorrow they should hike to Manaslu Base Camp as a part of acclimatization.

I got a phone call from Prakash, from his CDMA mobile, i.e. +977-9741520139

The trail was perfect, a majority of landslides were cleared along the way. Just before arriving Namrung, there was a small twist in the trail. There was a new way to Namrung. Time for walk almost same. There was an electricity problem in Namrung. They are in the Village of Lho now. Tomorrow they will hike to Sama Gaun via Pungyen Gompa. Except electricity, there was no other problem along the trail now until Lho. I will update tomorrow again.

Day 07 – Oct 9th

No internet in Sama Gaon! Not just because of electricity, there was some problem in reception as well. Prakash and team this morning trekked to Pungyen Gompa, explored monastery and trekked to Sama Gaon. Gompa had remained unaffected by the recent earthquake. The trail was perfect and so were the teahouses in the village of Sama. This was because the plate slip energy after the recent quake head east of the epicenter.

Update : Here is a bad news from Tsum. Because of the recent landslide trail was blocked again and people returned back and are continuing to the Manaslu Circuit.

After a long walk they are enjoying chill beers and playing cards in Sama. Tomorrow they will spend one more night for acclimatization and explore Manaslu Base Camp. I can imagine the view from Manaslu Base Camp.

Towering high Mount Manaslu, turquoise blue Birendra Lake and wide valley of Sama. Can’t wait to be there again!

Day 08 – Oct 10th

As a part of preparation for Larke La Pass, the team will spend one more night in Sama Gaun. At tentative elevation of 3500 m Sama Gau is an ideal village for acclimatization. Like others, Prakash and team hiked to Manaslu Base Camp at 4450 m. They called me from base camp of Manaslu. The internet was still not working, however CDMA reception was still working. It should work up to Samdo. According to Prakash view was greatly with amazing weather. Group of Polish Expedition team had successfully accomplished Manaslu Expedition. They were already on their way back to Kathmandu. Base camp was clean and was worth couple of hours walk said Prakash. Tomorrow they will trek to Samdo, 3 hours northwest of Sama Gau. No need to mention that trail and tea houses were perfect over there. Let’s see how it will goes tomorrow.

Day 09 – Oct 11th

Prakash called me late afternoon from the Samdo. He said the weather was slightly worse, in comparison to the previous day. Cloudy and cold. They had spend a whole day in teahouse. His mobile doesn’t work in the teahouse and he need to hiked a little to get receptions! Trail and tea house were both perfect. It looked like it might snow – said Prakash. It was raining here in Kathmandu this afternoon. Here is a picture I took, gloomy sky.

Manaslu Weather

Day 10 – Oct 12th

The weather was getting better and better. It’s warm sun here in Kathmandu. Prakash called me from his way to Dharmasala. They skipped a rest day in Samdo. Bottleneck of Manaslu Circuit Trek, Dharmasala was open. The trail was ok and so was the teahouses. Tomorrow they will be trekking over the highest point on the Larkya La Pass. Probably more updates about the pass from Bimthang tomorrow.

Day 11 – Oct 13th

Happy Dashain!

A great Hindu festival started from today. The weather is getting better now. Warm, sunny day after drizzle and little snow. Prakash called me today from the Bimthang at 1 o’clock. They were already in Bimthang after Larkya La Pass. The pass was easy said Prakash. Tomorrow they will descend to Dharapani. Though long, it’s all downhill. Congratulation team for the successful trek despite of the earthquake.

Day 12 – Oct 14th

End of the trail!

The team were in Dharapani now. Also I had got three pictures today. It was a long walk for them. It is the end of the trekking trail now. The trail was perfect, it looked like there was no earthquake after trekking down to Dharapani today said Prakash. Nothing much to update here. Tomorrow they will took a jeep to Beshi Sahar and bus back to Kathmandu. Glad everything went well on Manaslu Trek After Earthquake.

Larkya La Pass After Earthquake

Manalsu Base Camp Earthquake

Manaslu Trek Earthquake

I will be posting a lot of pictures, shall I make a new gallery?

Day 13 – Oct 15th

They arrived safely yesterday at 7:00 o’clock at night. Pretty long jeep and bus ride. Price was slightly expensive than expected, especially from Dharapani to Beshi Sahar for the local jeep. Prakash fitted himself on the roof the jeep! He had taken beautiful pictures. I am editing a new video and uploading some of their images tomorrow.

Here is a link for image gallery, taken by Prakash. Check it out to see the Manaslu Trail. Check footsteps and distance in kilometer. Day to day and this was tracked by Akash using I phone 6 plus.

A big yes for Manaslu Circuit Trek after earthquake! Prakash and Team. We are now ready to operate your trip in Manaslu.