Manaslu had already proved itself as an teahouse trek and also the great alternative trekking for Annapurna Circuit. Who knew that earthquake will hit the northwest of Arughat? Epicenter of the first earthquake with magnitude 7.8 Richter Scale was in Barpak, a part of the Lower Manaslu Circuit Trek. The first part of the trail was damaged by an earthquake. When providing the help and daily needs of village of Lho, Sama and Samdo mules were send via Larke Pass, i.e. Manaslu circuit in reverse. The problem was in the trail in between Soti Khola and Jagat. Even the Philim had almost remained intact. During monsoon landslide sections were not stable and there were quite few landslides along the trail. It was very hard to send relief to Tsum Valley.

Not sure and official information, trail might be slightly rerouted in the beginning. In past starting from Soti Khola, one need to hike to Macha Khola and next to Jagat. Jagat is the starting point of the restricted section of Manaslu and Tsum. Here is a screen shot from Google Earth marked with marker, showing the possible new route for Manaslu Circuit. You can see the Budi Gandaki River. The trail marked with red line is the proposed new route for Manaslu.

Manaslu Circuit After Earthquake

There is problem for accommodation and food using the new proposed trail. It will also be one day more, if new trail is use. Accommodation and food is just the temporary problem, people can set a temporary camp and kitchen until the teahouse are built. The problem is for one day only. In long term it could be a great loss for the people of Macha Khola. As they had already invested millions of rupees establishing the teahouses and other facilities for the trekkers. If this new trail became operational then in upcoming season trekkers will have two alternative routes. Two way up for the Manaslu Circuit. Inspection work is being carried out for the feasibility of the new trail and estimation of the cost to build new suspension bridge over Budi Gandaki. We are constantly in contact with people from Soti Khola, if we had any updates we will post these updates in homepage. Don’t forget to check our Earthquake Updates.