On this page we have updates from Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley trek after earthquake. This update is based on telephone conversation with locals from different villages of trekking trail.

Manaslu Trek Local Guide

This is a second updates on our blog about aftermath of earthquake on Manaslu Circuit Trek. Most of the blogs seemed kept posting rumor about the trail. That it is completely devastated, teahouse trek is not feasible and will not be for the long time! No one went there to collect the information, TAAN send a team of Japanese Expert to inspect the trail in the Everest. Most of the tour operators were based in Kathmandu, but we really felt sad about the situation of Manaslu. One of my (I’m Pradeep, coauthor of this blog) high school friend named Tenzing Thakuri, contact me. He was from the village of Prok in Manaslu, also run one family homestay there for trekkers. After earthquake he went his home, did Manaslu Circuit in Reverse. He set his base in Bimthang, cross Larke La Pass and went his home. After helping his family to sort out the things he descend via same old route to Arughat.

Manaslu Local Guide

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Prakash also came to Kathmandu. Right at the time of earthquake he was in Manaslu with Karen and her team. They were descending down from Bimthang. They survive the quake hits and those falling rocks. Also Karen told me that at first look portion of trail from Bimthang to Beshi Sahar had remained intact. After the trek Prakash went to his hometown in Dhading. When he came to Kathmandu in June, we made a telephone call to Prakash friend from the trail. Most of them were teahouse owner.

Monastery in Manaslu Circuit Trail

Here is a summary of the aftermath of devastating earthquake in Manaslu and Tsum

Pema Chiring | Chekampar | Tsum Valley | Contact – 9741502341

Number of total household in Chekampar VDC – 300
Number of total household in Chekampar Village – 50

Most of the infrastructures in village were partially or fully damaged. Repairing and maintenance work is being carried out. Soon after completion of restoration phase Chekampar will be ready for serving trekkers. Also the good and aids now can be send up to the village of Lokpa using the new trail in between Soti Khola and Jagat.

Dipendra Gurung | Chisapani | Manaslu Circuit Trek | Contact – 9746082667

Mostly this place was not a overnight camp in past. Trekkers simply had lunch and head onward. This place is also known as Ekle Bhatti. Dipendra said we are busy repairing our infrastructure. But at the same they are also ready to serve lunch for trekkers. This place is ok, you don’t need to take pack lunch.

Pradeep | Macha Khola | Manaslu Circuit Trek | Contact – 9746037107

Unfortunately we couldn’t contact him on his phone. We will try later to contact him. Just incase if we didn’t update information from Macha Khola village and you need information then you can contact him on above number. For international call, country code for Nepal is +977

Deepak | Jagat | Manaslu Circuit Trek | Contact – 9746053312

We talked for a long time with Deepak. He told us that there are minor cracks and damages on the teahouses in Jagat. However it was not a big impact and they are ready to host trekkers for food and accommodation. They are also living on their own house. Further he also aware us about possible landslides in between Soti Khola and Jagat. According to Deepak mules are taking different route to transport goods in the upper village. If new itinerary is used then itinerary will be as below:

Day 01 – Soti Khola to Dhumchet
Day 02 – Dhumchet to Kasi Gaon
Day 03 – Kasi Gaon to Jagat

In Kasi Gaon there could be homestay facility, said Deepak

Name n/a | Soti Khola | Manaslu Circuit Trek | Contact – 9746052372

Prakash had this contact number but wasn’t sure about his name. When he made a call, guy said – “Hello Prakash, How are you?”. They talked for a while, but Prakash still can’t remember his name and he though it was not good ask his name at the end of the conversation. Guy from Soti Khola told us that very few countable western people had pass through the village of Soti. They were mostly trying to collect information for operating their upcoming trips. Monsoon is doing it works and chances of landslide is high told the guy. Also he provide us with the detail of new itinerary.

Day 01 – Soti Khola to Dhumchet
5 to 6 hrs walk
accommodation and food are available

Day 02 – Dhumchet to Kasi Gaon
6 hrs walk
local houses were collapsed after earthquake, accommodation could be a problem. Further local hotel owner from Soti Khola are planning to set a temporary shelter in Kasi Gaon for trekkers

Day 03 – Kasi Gaon to Jagat
6 to 7 hrs walk
You can have a lunch in Kerauja

Chiring | Lho | Manaslu Circuit | Contact – 9741310810

Number of household in Lho – 282
Number of household in Sama and Samdo – 230

Infrastructures are ok! Current need of people is rice, cooking material like oil, teabags etc. If someone is looking for the helping out help people of these village with cooking oil, teabags, sugar and rice.

Manaslu Trek Photography

Summary of earthquake impact on Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trekking

* Teahouse trek is guaranteed from the mid of September for Manaslu Circuit
* For Tsum it might take little longer time for restoration comparing with Manaslu
* It is better to bypass from Kasi Gaon with one more day, instead of Soti Khola – Macha Khola – Jagat route
* Philim and the villages ahead on the trail as perfect for teahouse trek
* Quake hit the region in the mid day, so casualty rate of yak, horse and mules were lower

Also, we didn’t collect information from Bimthang and Beshi Sahar. This is because right at the time of quake Prakash was there. There wasn’t any significance damages. If you need any information you can call or email us any time. Please find our mobile numbers on the header of this blog and here is an email