Manaslu Trek FAQ


Comparing with other mainstream trek, it is hard to find information for Manaslu Trek. Trekkers normally asked the questions about the itinerary, trek map, best time, cost and food & accommodation along the trail. Also some of them are eager to know about the trail difficulties and emergency stuffs.

This page is shortlisted with questions frequently asked about Manaslu Circuit Trek by trekkers like you. You might find answer to most of the general queries here. For more information check our homepage. Also for more specific queries you can always contact us at Enjoy the read!

We can’t assure whether you can trek Manaslu Circuit with your kids or not. If your kid can walk on their own and differentiate in between tiredness and mountain sickness, of course you can go with your kids. Except a day of crossing Larke Pass trail is well marked and tracked.

Nepali citizen they don’t need permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek. However Indian they need to obtain the permit. Special permit cost is same for Westerners and Indians. There is discount in ACAP and MCAP permit for Indian Nationals.

You need insurance, including medical evacuation is case of emergencies. You can ask the following questions to your service provider to know whether you are covered under Manaslu Circuit Trek or not?

  • Is my policy active in geographical location Nepal, Asia?
  • What is the highest elevation limit for coverage?
  • Does service provider cover cost of medical evacuation or not?
  • What is the coverage amount limit for medical evacuation?

Do you hire porter or not?

If you don’t go for 60 liter pack, it will be perfect for you. If you are hiring a porter most of the operators provide duffel bags. You can simply carry 20 liter pack for your valuables.

Yes, you need to purify water every time. Or you can use mineral water, which is fairly expensive. Tap water are available everywhere. You can simply use water purifier. Local people they don’t purify the water.

You can’t point reason of your sickness to other. Maintain high level of personal hygiene. Always use hand sanitizer, don’t forget to read our mountain sickness and personal hygiene post. Also you need to use squat toilet properly. Never drink water which is not purified. Remember first thing about altitude sickness is not to think about it.

Manaslu Mountain is located close northwest of the Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city. Starting point of trail accessible via motor able road. It took almost six to seven days walking to reach Manaslu from Arughat. It is the 8th highest mountain in the world. You have idea about Mount Annapurna? Manaslu is close east of Annapurna and many trekkers also continue to Thorong La Pass from Dharapani.

If you stay acclimatization day in Gumba Lundang you can go for a Ganesh Himal Base Camp. You will not need any extra permit for that. It could a scrambling to nearby ridge from Mu Monastery. Either Pungyen Gompa or Manaslu Base Camp from village of Sama. From Samdo you can hike to nearby Tibetan Border.

They don’t accept card and foreign cash. You need to exchange into Nepali Rs before you depart for trek. There is no ATM and cash advance facility. Take plenty local cash with you! In case of emergency they might accept foreign currency however exchange can be significantly low.

Manaslu Circuit is do able as fast as in twelve days. We recommend at least fourteen days, with two acclimatization days. This is the shortest recommend itinerary for Manaslu. You can expand the by couple of days. Contact us for more details. Below is the general day by day itinerary for Manaslu Circuit Trek in 14 days.

Day 01 : Kathmandu to Soti Khola by drive
Day 02 : Soti Khola to Macha Khola Trek
Day 03 : Macha Khola to Jagat Trek
Day 04 : Jagat to Deng Trek
Day 05 : Deng to Namrung Trek
Day 06 : Namrung to Sama Gau Trek
Day 07 : Acclimatization Day in Sama Gau
Day 08 : Sama Gau to Samdo Trek
Day 09 : Acclimatization Day in Samdo
Day 10 : Samdo to Dharmasala Trek
Day 11 : Dharmasala to Bimthang via Larke Pass Trek
Day 12 : Bimthang to Tilije Trek
Day 13 : Tilije to Taal Trek
Day 14 : Taal to Kathmandu Drive

For Manaslu Circuit it can be done within 12 days, however 14 and 15 days trek itinerary are recommended. If Tsum Valley is included then itinerary will range in between 18 to 22 days. Rest days are allocated during trek. There is general itinerary below in another FAQ.

Yes, Gorkha Barpak was the epicenter of earthquake with 7.8 magnitude Richter Scale. Plate slip energy head east of the epicenter. There are damages on teahouses and trail along the trail. The first part of trail was prone to landslide. Also trail in between Maccha Khola and Jagat was slightly diverted via village of Uhiya. Now it is again do able on teahouse via same old route. See updates on our homepage.

Yes, you can continue toward Annapurna Circuit from Dharapani. Apart from permits issued for Manaslu, you will need TIMS card. TIMS mean Trekkers Information Management System. There are two kinds of TIMS, one is organized trekkers card and another is freelance trekkers. If you want to continue with guide you need to have a Blue TIMS which will cost USD 10. Where if you want to continue with guide you will need Green TIMS and cost USD 20. You can easily get the TIMS from TIMS counter in Thamel, Kathmandu.

You can charge your camera battery in most of the place. There is a local hydropower serving the villages along the trail. It is not free though. You might need to pay USD 2 to 3 for charging your camera battery. Also hot shower is available in most of the place. Bucket shower is available upon request on any place.

There are very basic mountain teahouse. Pretty clean and nice, with twin bed, a pillow and curtain. Don’t expect fancy cozy room. Squat toilet in teahouses need to be shared among others. In Dharmasala, for one day you might need to adjust during peak season time. There is only one teahouse in Dharmasala. You might need to sleep on a tent or share dinning hall with other. They will fix the tent in case of need and provide mattress. You have to arrange your own sleeping bag.

In past there were no enough teahouses. Peoples were not familiar generating incomes via tourism. Menu wasn’t available. All you could have for dinner or lunch was Dal Bhat, Fried Potato, Dumpling and Noodles. There factors are not a big issue now. About the trail it is very easy and short day walks. Well marked and well tracked. After recent earthquake in April 2015, trail was slightly damaged in few places. You can check earthquake update on our blog. See Manaslu Trip Grading to know more about walking time, trail and elevation.

It is an inexpensive teahouse trek. Cost can be minimized. You don’t need to take a flight from Kathmandu. Local buses and private jeep are available. Depending on services includes and facilities some of the companies are charging couple thousands of american dollar. Cost is directly proportional to the number of trekkers as well. Contact us at for our trekking package details.

Feb 29th 2011, I had trekked Manaslu and Tsum Valley, including Ganesh Himal. I depend on homestay and monastery in Tsum Valley for the food and accommodation. It was really a beautiful trek but westerners were not aware about these sleeping beauties. Travel forums were describing trek as a hard trek, no proper teahouses. Because of this many people were trekking in a large crew with their funny looking yellow and orange tent. So my friend and I, we create this blog to promote Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley as a teahouse trek. You could find all the necessary information needed for the trek. Also, we are thankful to the Himalayan Map House for providing us an online trek map. Don’t forget to check our trek map. Also after the large volume of queries we started operating the trek on our own. You can now contact us for operating your trip in Manaslu and Tsum. We hired local guides from Arughat and Dhading.

You can check About Us, you can also help locally by translating the pages or providing your trip report to us.

Normally during trek, Dal Bhat Power Twenty Four Hour. This is a national dish of Nepal. You can add extra rice, lentils, pickle and veg curry as much as you want without additional cost. As an alternative to Dal Bhat, different cuisines are available. Like Pizza, Dumplings, Noodle, Sizzler and other general continental cuisines.

Local peoples from Samdo, Sama Gau and Lho they use this trail to access the nearest city. Acclimatization is the key, you might need to spend a three nights in Bimthang. Then cross the Larke La Pass and descend down to Arughat. Few people they do this, also logistic supports for Manaslu Expedition is carried out from this route.

If you are fit enough, then you can do Manaslu Circuit Trek in Reverse.

Manaslu trekking is a normal teahouse trek. There is no need of technical gears just for the regular trekking. Micro spikes can be useful while descending Larke La Pass is icy. Ask us for the PDF file, we can send you the one, which is shortlisted with general packing list for Manaslu Trek.

Here is an awesome PDF file with all details pacing list for trekking in Nepal.

Manaslu Trek

October is the busiest season for Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley. November and December are also the best time for trekking. Know more about monthly weather details in Manaslu and Tsum. Analyze the chart above, index shows number of visitor per year and it is in increasing order.

Namaste and Ncell are the two big daddies of telecommunication in Nepal. Both of them failed to function in Manaslu. They will hardly work up to Arkhet, before Soti Khola. CDMA network is available up to Dharmasala. Also there are V-SAT landline phone on most of the places. You can place international call, which is around USD 1 per minutes. Secure connection can be easily established in case of emergency.

Yes, you need to arrange your own sleeping bag. You might or might not get blanket on the teahouses. It can be easily rented from Thamel. Rental cost is between USD 0.8 to USD 1 per day. You might need to leave some deposit amount. It is refundable. -20 degree Celsius sleeping bag is good for the trek.

It is entirely a teahouse trek. There is completely no need of tent. Dharmasala is the key point for Larke La Pass. There is only one teahouse in Dharmsala and it is a bottleneck. For one day you might need to adjust in tent. Don’t worry you don’t need to carry a tent. They will fix it and provide a mattress as well. This happens during peak season time. You might end up sharing dinning hall among other trekkers and crew.

For Manaslu highest point encountered is 5169 m at Larke La Pass and 4200 m at Mu Monastery in Tsum Valley. Trek is not hard itself, before crossing the pass two days are allocated for acclimatization. You will be properly acclimatize for the toughest part. Check Manaslu Trek Grade for more detail.

Manaslu and Tsum Valley had two different permit fees. September to November it is USD 7o per week per person and rest of the months it is USD 50 per person per day. Also for Tsum Valley it is USD 35 for first eight days from September to November and USD 25 for rest of the months. ACAP and MCAP permit fee is same throughout a year. Find out restricted area permit costing details for Manaslu and Tsum.

Government rule state minimum two trekkers to issue the permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Legally you can’t trek Manaslu even by hiring a guide if you are single. You have two options either join fixed departure group or issue ghost permit and trek with guide.

No, you can’t trek Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley without guide. This is for your safety as well. Manaslu and Tsum is a part of restricted region of Nepal. You can’t trek ahead of Jagat without authorized guide. Check our map for the restricted region, it is in between Jagat and Dharapani.