Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley is best trekked in the month of September, October and November. Permit cost are also high than rest of the month. Spring, i.e. March, April and May are also the best time to trek Manaslu and Tsum Valley. With elevation range from 700 m to 5169 m, it is hard to find the actual balance. Wide variations exists for temperature and microclimates.

When it’s moderate in lower region it could be freezing cold in the upper part, in vice versa it could be hot in the lower when it moderate in the upper region. It is hard to find balance between hot and cold, also for nature and views. Below is the overview summary table for best time to trek Manaslu. Trip scale range between 1 to 5.

Month Trip Scale Overview Details
January 1 Extremely cold and icy, it’s very quiet but fresh and beautiful Weather pattern is changing so it’s hard to predict but expect winter storms over pass. If you are ready for winter challenge is Manaslu then crampons and tent are most because lodge of Dharmasala will remain closed but Tsum Valley should be fine.
February 1 Cold and icy but tends to get warmer from end of month Lower end of Budi Gandaki Valley starts to bloom with rhododendron. Crampons and tent are most similar to January as pass will be still icy and lodge in Bimthang will be still closed but Tsum Valley should be fine.
March 3-4 Not too cold not high up, good weather Deng to Shyala changes into reddish brown color with blooming of rhododendron. Tsum Valley is perfect to explore but still lodge on Larke Phedi might be closed.
April 3-4 Warm in lower ridge of Budi Gandaki Valley The great time to trek through shadow of rhododendron on lower edge of Budi Gandaki.

May 1 Tremendously hot and fuzzy It’s really hot in lower belt of Arughat and nearby. Rhododendrons slowly fade out and you will see final bloom of rhododendron for season.

June 1 Start to rain and cool down Start on early June and you can enjoy the views. From mid of June monsoon begins and it’s not pleasant to trek.
July 2-3 Monsoon Start to rain and cool down
August 2-3 Monsoon Similar to June still monsoon dominates rivers and forests from Manaslu and Tsum. Don’t forget waterproof pouch for your valuable stuffs.
September 3 Monsoon end, rare rainfall occurs Wait till mid to arrive Nepal. From mid of September monsoon ends and slowly Manaslu and Tsum Valley wake up to prepare for October to December.
October 5 No words it’s magnificent Busiest month throughout the year. Ask you organizer to book accommodation in advance. Regular guide doing trek in Manaslu and Tsum are capable of arranging last minutes accommodation on trail.
November 5 Marvelous and slowly on process to cool down It’s slowly get cold on higher reach of Manaslu and Tsum Valley, i.e. Sama Gaon, Samdo, Mu, Nile, Chule and Dharmasala. There is some trail race around month of November on Manaslu. Particular teahouse or lodges might be overcrowded.
December 5 Beginning of winter, getting colder early morning and late night. Owner from Dharmasala prepare to close the lodge. Local people from Sama Gaon, Samdo, Nile Chule, and Chekampar start packing to descend down toward Kathmandu or Pokhara to skip winter.