The process of adjusting your body with the high elevation could take certain time and it need up and down. The first thing about the altitude sickness is not to think about it. Following simple acute mountain sickness prevention rules, you can avoid being victim on mountain sickness. Acclimatization day is the best way to adjust your bodies with increasing elevation. Normally there are three different villages in entire Manalsu Circuit and Tsum Valley, where allocating acclimatization days is the best idea. For fourteen days trek, we recommend to have two rest days and for twenty two days, we recommend to have three rest days.

Acclimatization day is often understood as rest day. Majority of tour operators on their sample itinerary used to wrote rest day. Idea behind the rest day is to hike certain elevation during day and descend down for the overnight stay. Frank Zao from China who was there last October with us told “If you for Manaslu Circuit Trek then acclimatization days are like torture days.”

Manaslu Circuit & Tsum Valley Acclimatization Day

Gumba Lundang

Gumba lundang is small monastery area, close to the village of Ripchet in Tsum Valley. It is the female monastery and you could have a good view of Ganesh Himal Range. Monks offer a place to stay and food to eat. As a part of acclimation or side trip, you can explore Ganesh Himal Base Camp. It is a long day trip and area with complete absence of the settlement. Make sure to carry a pack lunch with you. Make sure your guide had been there before, otherwise it could be a trouble finding the trail. Trail is completely unmarked. Countable people undertook this side trip. Easy way to figure out the trail is to consult with local monks there. All you need is to descend down to the riverbed from the monastery, then follow east after crossing small wooden bridges over the river. There will arrive two small chortens (Mani Wall), which heralds the arrival of base camp. Make sure that you return in time. There will be prayers time every afternoon. Don’t miss it.

“Trip from Gumba Lundang to Ganesh Himal Base Camp was something that should not be taken lightly. I was stuck on thorny bushes resulting on big damage on my jacket and it was useless, I couldn’t repaired it. Also I lost my polarized sunglasses.” – said Nabaraj Tiwari, our guide experience from his first trip to Ganesh Himal Base Camp.

Sama Gaon

Sama Gaon is the mediaeval village on the northern slope of Manaslu. It is located at a tentative elevation of 3400 meter from sea level. This is good place for acclimatization. There are multiple options for side trip from Sama Gaon. One is Manaslu Base Camp and another in Pungyen Gompa. Trail to the base camp of Manaslu pass through stunning Birendra Lake. There is a monastery near the village of Sama. This is a base for Manaslu Expedition, every year. Base camp of Manaslu measures an elevation of 4450 meter from sea level. On a beautiful day it could be a stunning walk! Also if you are interested for cultural things then you could hike to the Pungyen Gompa instead of Manaslu Base Camp.


After three hours toward the north of Sama Gaon, there is another beautiful village named Samdo. Trail in between Sama and Samdo is mostly gentle and wide. There is just a tentative difference of three hundred meter elevation in between these two villages. From the village of Samdo you could walk all the way to Nepal – Tibet Border. The elevation at the pass is more than five thousand meters. It is a long day walk, but highly recommended. There are no teahouses and shop, pack lunch should be taken. Also certain time periods of the year the pass is open for the local people for trade. Many locals they go inside Tibet for buying the foods, clothes and other necessary materials. It will be cheaper for them to buy goods in Tibet rather than importing from Gorkha.

These three places are highly recommended from our side to allocate the rest day during the trip. If you want some simple break and extend your trip there are many other beautiful villages. Personally we could now recommend village of Lho. Two years back when we were there, there was no such nice hotel in Lho. Now there are some of the teahouses in Lho. Also you can explore Kal lake as a side trip. Need a relaxing time after the tough Larke La Pass? Stay two nights in Bimthang. It is an ideal place to sit and enjoy the serenity!

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