For the first time when I (coauthor of this blog, Pradeep) had trekked Manaslu and Tsum, I was with my friend from Netherland. He was travelling solo and want to go Manaslu and Tsum. We didn’t find any Manaslu Trek Partners, so idea of Manaslu Trek Single Permit was generated at that time. Now it is also understood as Ghost Permit.

Am I supposed to trek with Mountain Ghost or Yeti in Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley?

No, it is not like that. There are two different ways in my mind to issue the single permit for Manaslu and Tsum and that was working all the time.

  • Plan A

First I will try to find a valid passport, may be from trekkers or hotel or different agencies. Then fill up the immigration form with two passport details. Issue the special permit for Manaslu or Tsum.

  • Plan B

If Plan A doesn’t work, I will ask a random people to make a photocopy of their passport with passport details and visa page. Fill up the immigration form with two passport details. Immigration officer will ask for the original passport and I will pretend he or she is already in Gorkha. Some under table and permits will be issued.

Now at the checkpoint in Jagat, checkpoint officer will ask where is another trekkers. You can simply pretend that your friends became sick so he/she returned from Arughat or Soti Khola or Macha Khola.

For this you have to pay price for two permit. This is only for the special permit, ACAP and MCAP can be issued for single trekker. It won’t be that expensive, check the permit cost for Manaslu and Tsum. I had done this few times in past. I promise you it won’t be a big deal!