Manaslu Trekking Without Guide

Are you solo and looking for independent Manaslu Circuit or Tsum Valley Trek?

Sorry, you can’t trek Manaslu without guide. Not even Tsum Valley. Minimum two trekkers, a guide and local agency are needed while obtaining the necessary permit for Manaslu and Tsum. Forget about two trekkers, there are two different alternatives, Trek Partner or Ghost Permit.

Perhaps this is because of easier access to Tibet. China Government is very sensitive about any activities against Free Tibet. It is a controlled tourism policy in Manaslu and Tsum.

“It’s good to have the mandatory guide and it would be something awesome if your guide can speak native Tibetan Language as most of the middle age and old people doesn’t even speak fluent Nepali, English is alien. Especially in Tsum” – said Erica Beltrando from Italy who trekked Manaslu and Tsum with our guide Dawa Sherpa.

We know this system of mandatory guide is out of date and isn’t suitable for backpacker in a tight budget. We wish someday the region will be like other mainstream trekking in Nepal, where wandering hippies could roam around on their own. Until then choose one out of many from our local guide and go for epic adventure in Manaslu and Tsum. At the end you could continue to Annapurna Circuit on your own from Dharapani.