Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek After Earthquake Updates

25th April 2015, 11:56 AM, a strong earthquake hit Nepal with epicenter at Barpak. Barpak is a major attraction of the Lower Manaslu Circuit. I was in the narrow street of Thamel, very close to Kathmandu Guest House at the time of quake. After 35 seconds of the running, I found myself safe inside the parking lot. An question strikes my mind. What is the future of trekking in Nepal after earthquake? I wasn’t just thinking about the Manaslu, in overall aspects. Telephone wasn’t working at that time. People start talking about collapse of Dharahara, Kathmandu Durbar Square and settlement of Ason. I received a message from Prakash, on his way down from the village of Bimthang. It was a big relief to knew they were safe.

Could it be the end of teahouse manaslu circuit trek?

Since the plate slip energy head east from epicenter, I thought starting part of Manaslu Circuit Trek had been damaged severely. Langtang was a good example to support my random thoughts. Soon monsoon will dominate the skies of Nepal, after that there could be infinite series of the landslides. It is more or less wait and see situation for the Manaslu trek after earthquake. It is a long process for the restorations of the damaged teahouses. There is already a rumors about rerouting the trail in between Soti Khola and Jagat. Here is an image below, click on it and you will be on new tab with some details about rerouting of the trail.

Manaslu Circuit After Earthquake

Our blog used to be very informational blog about the Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek. It had general overview, possible itineraries, map and other plentiful of useful information. It is always free and independent information and we promise it will be. Some trekkers had send us an query regarding the current condition of the trail. They had already booked the trek, I guess probably through some commission based website platforms. So the local operators here were forcing them not to cancel the trek. Let’s not flash the name of their agency but I recommend the not to trek at the end of the August. Few days earlier I saw some pictures on the local newspaper, I also saw a dead bodies of one local women along the trail along with other domestic animals. Let’s just wait and see until Mid September. We had recently canceled all the trip booked with us, advance amount were refunded via PayPal. Some of the kind hearted had donate certain amount to us. We will start operating our trip from the mid of the September. We are thinking to arrange tent as well, so that in worse case trekkers could have Dal Bhat and sleep in the tent. It might be semi organized Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Trek After Earthquake

I also came in contact with Dawa Tashi from Tsum Valley, who is currently living in Canada. He is trying to collect some fund for the people of Tsum. You can donate to him! If you want to contact him send him an email at Your small contribution could brought significant changes in the life of people from Tsum Valley.

Manaslu Earthquake Victim

Also, here is a link to google documents, an excel sheet. There is the detail information about the damages of infrastructures and casualty. If you have any information you can update the document. Just make sure the informations are correct and reliable.

Up to the Rolwaling Valley, there was a strong impact of the earthquake. As you can see few buildings up to village of Thame had collapsed. Thame is valley adjacent to Rolwaling. If you have a look at eastern part of country, they had totally remained intact. Kanchenjunga Trek is now the great trek with teahouse options. For more information, check our homepage later, we will keep updating information from Manaslu and Tsum.

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